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difference between a mobile phone and a tablet

Tablet computers are commonly used electronic products. Many people use tablet computers to watch movies, play games, or watch videos to learn, etc. It can bring more fun to everyone’s lives. However, many people think that tablet computers are just big computers. A small mobile phone is enough for daily use. There is no need to buy a tablet.

Although they are very similar in function and there is no big difference in appearance, there are actually many differences. In summary, there are 3 obvious differences, which you will understand after reading them.


First: The tablet screen is larger, and the operating experience and usage experience are very different.  

Nowadays, tablet computers are relatively large, with the screen size basically being about 10 inches. When you open the tablet to watch movies, play games or take online classes, you will have a more immersive viewing experience, and you can see more comprehensively on the large screen.

Most mobile phones are about 6 inches. Although the screen is not small, it is smaller than that of a tablet. If you are looking at the same thing, a tablet can see it more fully and clearly, and the operation is also different. , a mobile phone may be able to be operated with one hand, but a tablet requires both hands to operate.

Nowadays, there are even 13- and 14-inch tablet computers, which are almost at the level of laptops. Adding a keyboard can turn them into laptops in seconds, and their operability will be better.

10.1 inch 2 in 1 tablet (17).JPEG

Second: the usage scenarios are different

An obvious difference between the two is that the usage scenarios are very different. Mobile phone i can generally be held with one hand and is an easy-to-carry mobile device. It is more convenient for our daily phone calls, social chats, and navigation when going out. , can handle no matter what the scene is.

Tablet computers are different. They are larger in size and are not easy to carry around. They are more often placed at home or in an office environment for work, study or entertainment. Few friends take tablets with them when they go out, and they are large. Most tablet computers do not have the function of inserting cards and can only be connected to the network for operation, which means that they cannot be used to make calls.

2 (15).jpg

Third: There are differences in hardware, and tablets also have stronger battery life            

In terms of hardware, mobile phones and tablets are very different. Since mobile phones are more widely used, they are provided with more configurations. They usually have more comprehensive configurations, strong performance, and good camera capabilities. Various functions will also be added, such as infrared remote control, NFC, etc., to make the use more balanced and the overall performance more comprehensive.

The configuration of the tablet computer is more prominent in terms of screen and battery life. Because the space is larger, a larger-capacity battery can be inserted. Basically, tablet computers have batteries of more than 7000mAh, and there are many batteries with a capacity of 10000mAh. Large batteries can carry For a more powerful battery life experience, it can be used for several days on a full charge. The screen resolution will be higher, there will be more speakers, and the configuration will be more prominent in entertainment, such as screen quality, battery life configuration, speakers, etc. 




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